The Kinsey Collection Brand New 5th Edition Coffee Book – Now Available!

We are excited to announce the release of the brand new 5th edition Coffee Table Book from The Kinsey African American Art & History Collection! We have been working hard on this new, enhanced 5th edition, complete with an all new silver cover and nearly 40 new pages of content.
The 5th edition contains newly acquired historical objects and fine art that have been recently added to the collection and exhibition. New historical objects include 25 of 132 pristine condition NAACP Crisis Magazines from 1911-27, the program for the First Annual 100 Mile Race for Colored Drivers in 1924, a 1941 The Negro Motorist Green Book, and more. Added artists and artworks include Kerry James Marshall, Laura Wheeler Waring, Henry Bozeman Jones, Ellis Wilson and more. This new edition also highlights the Rediscovering America: Family Treasures from The Kinsey Collection exhibit at Epcot, Walt Disney World that has been on display since 2013.
The brand new, expanded 5th edition makes a wonderful gift and tool for teaching and sharing. As we approach the holidays, we hope that you consider The Kinsey Collection Coffee Table Book as a gift for your family, friends, colleagues and even yourself.
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