List of Speaking Topics

African American Art, History and Culture

For over 35 years, Bernard Kinsey and his wife Shirley have amassed a collection         of art and history that documents the African American experience from 1600 – Civil Rights. The Kinsey Collection is an exhibit containing authentic artifacts, documents, books, letters, manuscripts, photographs and 2 and 3 dimensional art, telling the story of struggle, achievement and contribution that is rarely told or taught in school. The collection has been displayed at 8 museums throughout the country, most recently exhibited at The National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution and visited by over 2.5 million people. Through an engaging and interactive presentation, Bernard Kinsey takes his audiences on a virtual tour of The Kinsey Collection, exploring each item and period in history in a manner that inspires, educates and entertains.

Corporate Diversity

“The Business Case for Corporate Diversity – My Journey with Xerox Corp.”

Bernard Kinsey speaks about his role in changing the culture at Xerox during his 20 year tenure and position as a division Vice President.  This is the story of how 7 young black Xerox employees changed the face and culture of the corporation, increasing minority numbers and bolstering performance, becoming the model for many corporate diversity programs. The Harvard Business School performed a case study on Kinsey and colleagues that is still being taught today.

Business Management/ Economic Development

Since 1991, through his company KBK Enterprises, Inc. Bernard Kinsey has become an internationally sought after consultant on the topics of business management and economic development. Bernard Kinsey’s services have been employed by the Los Angeles Police Department, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, Department of Water and Power, as well as the governments of South Africa, Germany, England and France. His negotiation skills were sought in  advising on the merger of Union Bank and the Bank of California as well SBC’s $3 billion purchase of Pacific Bell/Yellow Page business. Kinsey served as Chief Negotiator for a $280 million waterfront retail development for the City of Riviera Beach, Florida. Harvard University gave him their highest award for achievement in economic development and intercultural relations.

>Urban Revitalization

After the Los Angeles riots of 1992, Bernard Kinsey was called upon by Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley to lead the rebuilding efforts as Co-Chairman of RLA, the revitalization entity charged with the task of bringing investors and business back into the affected communities. Kinsey was responsible for generating more than $380 million dollars in investments from the private sector for inner city Los Angeles. He influenced investments in Los Angeles by bringing grocery stores, loan funds, pharmacies, hardware stores and other retail outlets alike, including a number of small businesses into the heart of the inner-city community.  The New York Times said, “Kinsey has helped form the most effective post-riot effort in the nation’s history. Today, there is little evidence of the riot destruction, a testament to RLA’s effectiveness and Kinsey’s leadership.”

Motivation, Life Principles and Achievement

Bernard Kinsey and his wife Shirley, over their 45-year marriage, have traveled to over 90 countries and live a life based on the simple principles of “to whom much is given, much is required” and “a life of no regrets”. Together they have created an amazing life built on hard work, frugality, wise decisions, sharing, giving and forward thinking. By sharing his experiences, teachings and lessons learned through stories and anecdotes, Bernard Kinsey explains the various influences that have helped to shape his life and many successes.


In 1967, Bernard and Shirley Kinsey moved to Los Angeles with only $26 and a job. They created a simple plan to live on one income and save the other. By the 1970’s, when their friends were buying nice cars, they were buying rental properties. When their friends were buying their first homes, Bernard and Shirley were developing multi-million dollar estates two at a time. Bernard Kinsey’s investment decisions allowed him to retire at the age of 47 and never look back. He has built a incredible track record by looking forward and staying ahead of the curve, opting not to follow trends but to start them.