Wells Fargo Presents: Kinsey Untold Stories

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TV Appearances

Bernard and Shirley Kinsey’s appearance on The Tavis Smiley Show

About Selected Art Pieces in The Collection

[easy-media med=”280″]Khalil Kinsey Portrait [easy-media med=”281″]All Pieces Connected [easy-media med=”282″]Brown vs. Board of Education [easy-media med=”283″]Hale Woodruff
[easy-media med=”284″]Leo Africanus [easy-media med=”285″]Goree Island Rock [easy-media med=”286″]James Forten [easy-media med=”287″]The Cultivators
[easy-media med=”288″]Union Soldier [easy-media med=”289″]Phoebe Beasley [easy-media med=”290″]Emancipation Proclamation [easy-media med=”291″]Massai Woman
[easy-media med=”292″]Malcolm X & MLK Letters